WIAN Studios and 2023

I started these pages with the idea that Everything Changes. This is still true.

I've been looking for more unusual hides. I like working with cowhide as you can get a lot of colors and finishes. Lot colors tend to be consistent and are usually available. 

Some hides, like Moose or Elk tend to be available seasonally, which makes sense until you need one or two this month!

Most of the leather hides are tanned in shades of brown and then black. Small leather workers are not the main audience, which also makes sense, but sometimes you can get a bit of the designer patterns or colors. 

I have to keep in  mind the sensations for which people are searching. At random times I'll find a hide that feels Amazing when it lands, but looks so unimpressive as yet another shade of brown. That's ok.

Another trend I've noticed is natural colors. There's a strong preference for what most people would call Buckskin, but the definition of Buckskin is a bit murky. It can be a color, a tanning method, a particular animal, etc. 

So, as we continue through this year I'll be putting up some unusual pieces as well as the classics. 

Let me know what you're looking for!


Thanks, Cecilia 

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  • Peter

    I am looking for an Angel Maker. Instead of turqoise replace with a dark brown or cognac color. The tails very heavy, stingy bull hide, perhaps oil tanned. Is this possible to do?

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