Contented Customers

I post a few of the many, many comments I've received from Contented Customers. I hope you'll feel comfortable ordering from us as Customer Satisfaction is of prime importance. Feel free to contact us and discuss your personal requests. Thanks, WIAN Studios.    

Braided Cat Review - I love this toy! The balance is perfect for the weight, and it packs a lovely, thuddy wallop. I've found it has a lovely range of sensation: the tips make for a nice warm up, the fall ends for mid range and then lay into them with the falls full on for a breathtaking heavy scene ending. Great implement! -- Richard aka RoughOne

 Hello there, Just wanted to let you know how much my girlfriend and I love the flogger you made her for Christmas.  It's both beautiful and thuddy, just like i'd hoped for.  Thank you so much for working with me to find just the right gift for her! Take care, and have a fabulous new year! Silver Puma

 Over the past few years me and mine have picked up a number of your creations and I haven’t found many others that are worth my attention. Thank you, thank you. You’ve spoiled me. Morgaine Stone

I'm so glad we kept it simple, the flogger absolutely gorgeous and feels so good in my hands! I will thoroughly enjoy your handiwork! Thanks again! Amelia

Just wanted to take a second and say thank you again the floggers are amazing. They throw perfect and feel great. Very beautiful work. DS

I want to thank you for excellent craftsmanship. These new floggers are balanced nicely, fit my hands very well and have a nice swing. Best floggers I've owned, Thank you :) Boobear

My Ma'am tried out her new El Diablo on me and that thing is such a mind fuck in the best possible way: It feels similar to a single-tail or a cat, but also has an “afterburn” kinda like a birch or a horsehair. GREAT marks, almost all gone by morning! If a singletail can be described as “fireworks” or lines of liquid fire, the Diablo is more like hot coals being spread out. Similar to a singletail, the sensations can be very intense, or very light, depending on the intent and skill of the handler. For me the overall sensation was more diffuse. I really liked the way it worked as a warm up for a heavier caning scene later, my rosy butt and thighs took a lot more abuse than they probably would've been able to, if She and I hadn't already been having so much fun with the El Diablo! -- sparkette

Thank you for the cat, it's beautiful and I can't wait to use it. Now I'm thinking I need another flogger. Boobear

Thank you so much for my beautiful custom piece. It arrived and is absolutely PERFECT! The colors are fabulous, the hide is delightful. Your wrist strap fits exactly as you said it would. I am so happy and am looking forward to many years of enjoyment. You do amazing work and I am very grateful for your craftsmanship. Thanks again for getting this out during such a hectic time. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Happy flogging, Pimo in Phoenix

 Hi, Cecilia. You won't remember me, but you created a pair of flogs for me about a decade ago. Black and blue, with a red button in each handle end for identification if lost. Remember? Anyway, want you and everyone else to know that they are good as new/good as ever. I'm truly thankful. Grant.

I got them!!!! Omg!!! I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW PERFECT THEY ARE!!!! Thank you so much! I'm already planning what I want for my next set lmao! Lukas VE

  My favorite toy was made by Wian Studios many years ago. It is a light weight flogger that Tops can use on me until the cows come home and I don't need to even yellow or much less red. My mind can go, I can feel like it is making love to my body. I am not a pain slut. I am a sensualist. It makes my body red and the red becomes warm without the pain that happens with so many of my toys or toys of others being used on my body. I also met a super great lady at the events we attended at the same time. This bit of information made me pause and have to thank you for my favorite "sex" toy. And to this day love the fact that I said I wanted a flogger that will sound amazing but not make me have to safeword because of being a baby about pain. Thank you. PSM

I received the whips and I am in love. Thank you very much for these beautiful playthings. Wolf

Hello Cecilia! Just a quick note to say, "Thanks!" You have produced a fine step up for our play. Nice leather. I do believe this worked. More thud. More sting. Again, thank you for your time and patience. Your creative experience produced the desired effect. Happy New Year! B and D

Hey Cecilia, It arrived today and it is beautiful work. I really love the handle design and the weight seems perfect. Thanks very much for making this for us. Regards, K&S
I came to WIAN Studios looking to replace my rather eclectic set of aging floggers with new leather implements of a higher quality. I gave Cecilia a general outline of the mix I was looking for in form and function and in a very short period of time turned-around a proposal for the custom crafting of four floggers and a cat. Based on her descriptions and recommendations, I was able to pick materials, colors, and handle patterns to meet my needs perfectly. Having arrived a few weeks ago, I can attest that they are indeed awesome!!
In total, the five comprise the exact color/pattern-coordinated mix I was looking for -- thud to sting and sensuous to scary -- all very well-made, fit to my hand, and stunningly beautiful. And... they perform as well as they look, wonderfully covering the spectrum of sensations. I have included a photo of the complete set (which Cecilia never saw since she was sending them out as soon as they were completed!) Thomas, Lord Mercury
I bought one of your floggers this past week at the event. When I used it at home on my girlfriend she said it helped her get further into subspace than she's ever been before. We love it so much, thank you for such quality work! Lettersnnumbers
I love the buffalo flogger I ordered from you! It's my weapon of choice. Mari
Oh oh oh they arrived today. I cant wait to use them. My subordinate is gonna have a tanned hide this weekend. Mmmm. They look glorious!!! Oh man. I cant thank you enough they are fantastic! Damaron
Hi Cecilia, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the floggers arrived on Wednesday and they are absolutely gorgeous and awesome. Definitely worth the money! Thanks again for your beautiful work! EM
So I'd been looking for a quality flogger that wasn't too expensive. I hadn't had much luck in my hometown, as most I'd seen were too pricey, poor quality, or both. Then I ran across your site, Cecilia. I couldn't be any happier! I received a beautiful, high quality flogger that was obviously crafted with a lot of love. It has everything that I was looking for and then some. And all this for under $100. Thank you so much! I will absolutely recommend your fine business to my friends. - Adam in Baltimore, Maryland
Hi Cecilia. It was great to meet you and see all the "departments" of your business. You are truly gifted.
My gf loves the lamb leather. We had an amazing time last night. Thanks for the good time last night and many awesome times in the future. Adrian
Hi Cecilia, Thank you again for creating a wonderful and beautiful flogger. Because of your personal attention to my order, it arrived in plenty of time for the trip I had planned with my girlfriend. It is stunning and she is absolutely in love with it.
I emailed three other artists about floggers they made and listed for sale and only one replied almost a week later and I have yet to hear from the other two. Your customer service is outstanding. I will definitely be buying from you again. Thanks again, Jeremy
Cecilia, This is just a quick note that I keep meaning to send. The floggers you made me are terrific. I love that they are unique, the black covers the subtle shiny blue until you move them. I am glad I went with the longer falls. As always, you do beautiful work. Cheers and smiles, James from San Diego
Thank you so much! The flogger arrived today and it is a thing of real beauty! I am absolutely delighted and my slave is pretty tickled, too, lol. Thanks again, and we can hardly wait for January to arrive so I can get the next one! We love your work! Ms Beth
Hi, the package had arrived ahead of schedule. For the inauguration I was one of 3 topping a fellow Dom who wanted to be broken and there I was with this evil cat-o-nine. The product - Wow. Perfect balance, beautiful work, and filled with energy, exactly as I had hoped. There will be much enjoyment.Thanks, Viho
Hi Cecilia, I received the new flogger today. It is lovely! New leather smells phenomenal:) The boss enjoyed it very much. He prefers this new handle over the diamond braiding of the others. We both enjoyed the texture and the combined stingy/ thuddy effects. Thank you for a lovely addition to the tool box. Maryanne
I used the Cat o Nine Tail last weekend and love it even more Thank you so much. RoughnBootz
Thanks for creating such a beautiful flogger. You came highly recommended and now I can see why. It feels just as wonderful as it is beautiful. wounded_prey
Cecilia, I wanted to let you know that the new Brown Buffalo Flogger (Godzilla) exceeds my expectations. I find it of very high quality, great balance...and the best part...savory, notable impact! It certainly makes a great complement to our matched set of elk. I applaud your artistic talent. Thanks again, Gary
Hi Cecilia, Just wanted to let you know that I received the flogger yesterday and I love it! You do really good work....and I was delighted that you had one in my colors. Anyway, thank you so much once again, Johnson Feingold
I just received the #1030 piece and it is sensational! It is truly a work of art. I could not resist trying it out immediately. Expertly crafted, beautiful to the eye, and perfectly balanced it delivers a delicious sting! What a great birthday present! Thank you Cecilia and Steve. Patrick in Canberra
Hello Cecilia, Thank you so much for this. I just received it today and it is; I just have no words for it. Thank you so much again. When i saw it I cried because it was that good. Thank you, Kathleen
Hi Cecilia, Just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the floggers and cat that you provided. The service was excellent; delivery here in Australia within a week was greatly appreciated. The pieces were all carefully packaged and I am hugely impressed with the detailed craftmanship - they are truly works of art! In use, each one delivers as described on your website. Each piece has its own subtle signature sensation. Even the pieces rated 9 on your scale for 'thud' deliver a delicious bit of sting and the mix is so beautiful! It gives me enormous satisfaction to have such a range to choose from. It's quite impossible for me to name a favorite because I enjoy them all so much. Thank you again. Kind regards, Patrick
I received my heavy flogger on Monday and had the opportunity to try it out today. It is beautiful, a true work of art. And works exactly as described. I love it. Greg
I received the flogger today. Beautiful! Thank you for the care and fine touches you put in it. The handle colors are wonderful. It has a good heft. Can't wait to try it out! HB
Hi Cecilia, I have been meaning to tell you that we finally had a chance to use the "new" flogger, and it was great! You did it again. It has tons of very lovely sting. I love it! Thanks! Allen in Pheonix
I bought a black medium weight Buffalo flogger from you that is really versatile! I used it extensively at the parties Friday and Saturday night to great effect! The way my new flogger is built, I'm sure it will serve me well for a long time. I look forward to doing business with you again! Steve
Hi Cecilia, I wanted you to know that Master and I received the piece I ordered for us today. He opened it while we were on the phone. All I heard was " Ooooh! That's nice!" What a lovely piece of craftsman ship for our first flogger. He loves the dark blue and I love the soft feel. We can't wait to play and try it out. Master and I will definitely be ordering more of your beautifully crafted pieces in the future.
Thank you again, and once again.... absolutely love our new flogger. It is a lovely piece to start our collection with. "Ms. Kitty"
Cecilia: I wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery and most importantly for the high quality of the two light floggers (#3038 and a replica of 3036) that I ordered on 02-29-2012. Both exhibit excellent craftsmanship! Both function perfectly and at or exceed the levels that we discussed! Both are also most attractive! The moose hide is especially nice. In these times it is becoming rather unusual to be very pleased with products ordered off the Internet. Thank you very much for exerting the effort and taking the time to get things right. Bearclawthedonut
Cecilia, IT IS A WORK OF ART!! I am so happy to have my flogger. It arrived last week ago. I have already got a lot of comments on it and I've been giving out the link to your web site. It is even more beautiful than in your pictures. The feel of it, well I haven't tried it on anyone as of yet. Wanting to work my new BF up to it. Again, thank you for paying such detail. Sir K
Cecilia, I'm writing to thank you for your beautiful craftsmanship on the braided buffalo cat-o-nines that my Master sycle recently received. Not only are they asthetically beautiful, they are wickedly effective in so many ways. We have found they can run the gamut from a gentle brush to being widly thuddy and stingy at the same time. The toy overall is lighter than it appears but each individual fall is deceptively heavy when it strikes. The pair have quickly become His favorite toys and have sent me on several trips into subspace. Thank you for making such quality implements for our enjoyment. Regards, fireyphoenix
Received the floggers. PERFECT. WOW. AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL. Thank you! Mary
Not long ago we purchased a moosehide flogger (Item #1755) from you good folks, and I've been meaning to send you a thank you since it arrived. It's a marvelous piece, and is absolutely perfect for what we wanted. The balance is wonderful and the handle is long enough to handle either of our grips (on odd occasions we swap sides), and long enough to cope for the drastic difference in heights. Thank you so very much; I absolutely rave about it to my friends. It's by far the best piece we own, and should we decide we want a piece with a bit more sting we will definitely be coming back to you. Thank you so much! ~ellie
The Knotty Cat arrived, and it's a pretty much a perfect match, thanks!! It got put into use last night and it was really really nice. Two of the cats is a very nice way to bring the session to its peak. It made somebody very, very happy. Kompliment! HeidelbergED
Cecilia, I am fireyphoenix, submissive of sycle. I wanted to let you know that I very much enjoy the buffalo mops that you created for my Sir. He has expressed to me how much he likes them but I love them. The weight, the thuddiness, the wonderful feelings they create when he uses them on me are only possible due to your craftsmanship. Thank you very much for creating such wonderful implements for play. Regards, phoenix
Dear Cecilia, I finally managed to pick up the package from my local post depot a few days ago. The flogger is fantastic, top quality and beautiful to boot! Love the weight and feel. I'm very impressed! Amanda
Hi Cecilia, I finally returned home. I LOVE them. The set is magnificent and the small multicoloured one is phenomenal :) Thank you so much, Joe
Cecilia, I've been happy with both pairs of floggers I've ordered from you in the past--one pair of medium weight, and one pair of braided (which are about my favorite thing to be smacked with). Thanks for that, too! Paul D.
Wow. We played with the flogger tonight, and when my partner came off the wall (and back to this space), the very first words she said were "WunderSchoen!!!", and later she was looking at it, and she said "it's a work of art", and the colors and the craftmanship were a big hit. Kompliment! HeidelbergED
Cecilia, Thank you so much for finishing my flogger ahead of schedule. I cannot express to you my gratitude for not only finishing quickly but delivering an exquisite product. I have recommended your product to others and I've received several compliments on the sheer quality of your work. When I told you I looked at several other makers and thought they were out of their minds for charging what they were asking but saw yours and thought it was worth every penny I meant it. The moment I held the flogger you made for me in my hand that statement was confirmed. Thank you, Katze
Its perfect! Thank you so much. Feels like butter and throws great. It'll be making its first appearance this weekend at DeaconX fetish night. Mr Plum
Dear Cecilia, I just received my knotty cat and I adore it! I think it is the piece I bought from you so far that I enjoy the most. I usually ask people to use the toys on me, but this time I am tempted to switch places. I liked it the moment I closed my hand around the handle. Keep on doing the good work! IsaFantasy
" arrived! It's soooo nice!!! This is actually just right because I want her to have more of a sensual experience from a long-tail flogger--with soft thud and a little sting from stronger whaps. Your work is completely artistic and flawless. Enjoy your week! Dave"
Hey Cecilia, Okay, I'm in love! The floggers are wonderful - and the flash of the gold leather during a swing is just awesome. Many people commented on that alone. Everyone wanted to get hit with the new floggers. Erik loves them, I thoroughly enjoyed them and your name got bantered around yet again as an incredible flogger maker. Thank you again for taking all that time with me - the result has been incredible. Now, how do we get a matching kangaroo hide 4' signal whip? Thanks, Jazz
Hi Cecilia, Received the pink/white flogger and I love it! I think it actually has quite a bit of sting if you put anything behind it (maybe it's my penchant for figure-8's, ha). The sueded feel is just lovely and so thuddy, and it is an interesting mix with my purple cow or the pink and black singletail. Thanks much! David
Cecilia, I am remiss in not emailing you sooner. We received the cats Friday. They arrived in excellent condition. Thank you so very much for taking the time to talk with me on the phone and work out my order with me. Erik says to tell you that the cats are incredible to use - and I have to say that they are astounding to have them used on me! I thought they would be WAY too stingy - but, they are wonderfully thuddy. I don't know that I would want to start a session with them but WOW, what a way to finish!!! I can't wait till we get to buy new toys from you!! All our best, Erik and Jazz
Miss Cecilia. You have a mystical way of working with leather that so very many can only wish for. I received my floggers quickly and all of my friends in the local community have been very jealous.(LOL) They have made me and any flesh they touched VERY happy. You are the best and these floggers are awesome. I don't think its possible to come up with words to truely describe how nice they are. Thank You Miss Cecilia. Tab Bates
Cecilia, Greetings from Florida. My pretty flogger came yesterday, and we opened the package together in great anticipation. It is a very nice piece, and we are both agreed that we will have a very good time learning to use it properly. Thank you for your kind help and excellent craftsmanship. Sincerely, Laura
Hi Cecilia, I just wanted to let you know that the flogger arrived last Friday in good shape. It is beautiful! I introduced it to a certain Lesley on Saturday afternoon, and when our play was over she moved to the bed, lay on her side, and cradled it against her chest, luxuriating in the smell of the leather while drifting off to sleep. It was the sweetest thing ever, seeing her lay there with rosy butt cheeks and a contented half-smile. I think I'll keep both her and the flogger.
I appreciate the fast, courteous service and the offer of the discount in the future. I hope to take you up on that offer before long! Thanks! Dan
Hi Cecilia, My package arrived yesterday and the floggers are beautiful! The weight is perfect and the craftsmanship is amazing. Thanks so much for the great customer service and attention to detail. Christine
Hi Cecilia! Just wanted to let you know I received the two floggers today and they are sooooo gorgeous! Canada Customs did tax me (about $50), which is fine because they are worth EVERY penny! Thank you so much for all your help in selecting the right ones. OH they are so gorgeous! Dee
Thank you so much, the floggers are lovely. Perfect, and better than I imagined, since I know I wasn't the best with describing what I was looking for. I am recommending you to everyone I know. :) Thanks again! Kat
OMG Cecilia! My "hammer" arrived this morning and I LOVE it! This must have been one hell of a project and I apologise for the difficulty, but in the end, the craftsmanship is evident. This is easily the centerpiece to my collection. Bravo! I can't say enough good things. I guess really all else I can say is thank you. I will be coming to you for several more in the future as my collection grows. I promise I all my future orders won't be this radical, just things like matched sets, and cat-o-9's and so forth. Thanks again. Gronn
Hello Cecilia, We received the order of the 60 tailed Elk flogger last week.. Many many thanks for sending so promptly and for the fabulous workmanship.. I think it's safe to say it has surpassed all our expectations! It is a joy to wield, even considering it's a good 5 inches longer than my longest flogger so far, and I'm only 5ft 2.. it is so nicely balanced it just lands wherever you want it to, and however you want..
H's eyes lit up when I trailed the tails down her back... it is really such a sensual piece of equipment!! We are over the moon with it... totally! Now all i need to do is convince her that what we really need now is one of your singletails... <grins!>That may take some time... watch this space!
It was a real pleasure doing business with you.. many many thanks once more.. Regards, BootsBitch and H
A short note to let you know how appreciative I am. The flogger looks awesome, it smells awesome and it feels awesome. IsaFantasy
Cecilia, Just returned home from my session with my lady friend and the pleased look on her face when I presented the Chocalate Moose flogger to her was beautiful. She was very impressed with the workmanship and most importantly the weight of it because of her rotator cuff injury. I want to thank you very much for your efforts in contacting her and helping with the selection of the flogger, also the lovely gift wrap and great service. You will be high on my list from now own.
When I first contacted you I thought that something in the medium flogger range with a 5 to 6 out of a 10 with a sting to it. She picked out a heavy, 8 on a 10 scale with very little sting. Needless to say I had a lot of trepidation with her selection. After presenting the flogger to her I told her about the two differences between our selections. And she told me that this flogger should have the effect of knocking the wind out of me, and boy was she right, but also with her talent, let me tell you she was able to to deliver an awful lot of sting with it also. I guess it's all in the user.
Thank You very Much for helping me have another wonderful session. Evad
Cecilia, The floggers and dragon's tongue came in late last week. The floggers are wonderful. I'm still getting used to them (just a little more work to get the full florentine back to form) but they're already a great addition to my collection. And without a doubt the dragon's tongue is my new favorite toy; something I've been looking for for some time now. Thank you again very much. Armen
Thanks so much for the excellent service and the outstanding merchandise. The dark berry deerhide floggers are the perfect addition to my "softer" toys, displaying your usual combination of beauty and function. Those cut rate pieces on ebay can't touch your quality! I can't wait to get my next order. Annie Rose
*Hi Cecilia,* *I just wanted you to know I received my flogger yesterday. It surpassed all my expectations. It's a wonderful work of art. I can't wait until the other ones arrive!* *Thank you.* Moondancer
I just received my custom order today and they are frigging FANTASTIC!! They are perfect. The colors are right on. The craftsmanship (or craftswomanship) is amazing. I am part engineer so I looked to see how they were put together and I couldn't find a thing; no ends on the leather, no glue, nothing. They are beautiful. I've used floggers before but none as good as these. All the others I've used kinda seem to be crap now. I thought the others were great when I bought them - boy was I wrong. Great job Cecilia. I'll be coming back for more. BigJohn
Cecilia, thanks for all your help. The elk flogger is great. I got a chance to really check it out last night and as usual your quality is wonderful. With the quality product you produce and the high level of customer service you provide, it is a pleasure doing business with your company. I look forward to future purchases. K.
One of the guys I play with bought a new "cat of nine tails" from you recently and brought it last Friday to the dungeon with him. I used it on him and I just wanted to say that it was the most easy to throw cat I have ever used. I have a cat from Happy Tails that I love but it is definitely not something to put in the hands of someone who has not had a lot of practice. It really takes the kind of skill you get from single tailing.
Your cat was effective and very easy to use. Your cat is handsome, well balanced, and as easy to throw as a flogger. You are truly an artist with great skill and accomplishment. I was just impressed with this fine instrument and wanted to tell you so. I treasure the very heavy flogger I bought from you several years ago. Most of the guys I flog consider it their favorite. Sincerely, Phil
Cecilia, Very impressive! My wife completely lit up when we pulled it out of the box, getting excited just looking at it. Thank you for an excellent product accompanied by excellent service. I will definitely take you up on your 10% offer in the future! Thank you, Dave
Cecilia, I recieved the floggers very quickly and was highly impressed with the quality of the work and the weight and feel of both. The service beat everything I have ever experienced. Your pictures are impressive and did full justice to the floggers. The thing that is amazing is the feel! My girl loves the feel of both of them! She states that they feel so good that My arms will fall off before she asks Me to stop.
My many thanks. I would gladly endorse your products and your services to any that ask. R.I.M.
Hello, I just received my flogger in the mail today!!!!! It is beautiful and I absolutely love it. That red is perfect and it has exactly the feel I was looking for. Thanks so much for all of your help! ~Sara
This flogger from WIAN Studios is a work of art. The leather and craftsmanship are superb. This is the very best of the best quality product on the market today. You can always shop, but I know you will end here. If you did not purchase from WIAN then you obviously have a wardrobe malfunction. Thanks again Cecilia. John
This is the second pair of floggers I've gotten from WIAN, and I like them as much as the first. They work. They hurt. They're horribly pretty. What more need I say? Paul
Cecilia, Another winner! We love the diminutive little flogger. Very different from our other one and a 'brighter' feel, according to my partner. Of course now we'll have to round out the collection with a heavy flogger. Thanks again for the prompt service. You're great! Regards, W
I received the whip today and it's beautiful! It really is everything that I wanted. I expected to wait 2-3 weeks but I received my custom whip in about 7-9 days. Cecilia spent at least a week, sometimes sending several emails a day to help find *exactly* what I wanted. Her customer service was wonderful! I told her what I wanted and after about 4 different ideas I followed her suggestions down to the amount of tails, my whip is perfection.
I've shown my whip to several peers since it arrived and they all marveled at the finely woven handle, bright colors and almost everyone compliments me on the weight of it, that is just "feels right". The leather is new, smells wonderful and is not tainted by any animal or smoke scents that some of us are sensitive to. I would confidently recommend WIAN Studios to anyone and will definitely be shopping here again. Lovisa - Greensboro, NC
To Wian-Studios, Thank you very very much for your quality and enthusiasm in making me my custom twin floggers and also the matching smaller, softer flogger which I use as a work up and cool down after working over my slave. I am very proud to show my floggers to others and to let them know that you are the best in the west in creating exactly what a customer wants and needs for their particular style.
I get many comments on both the quality and the colors. My slave loves the different feels of your floggers and we both appreciate you letting us try new ones out every time we see you at a party or event in the community in the NW. Its a pleasure talking to you and you are very good at making exactly what someone desires in a flogger. I am looking foreward to getting my new knotted cat in the near future. Nyghtvisions
Got the Whip, its wonderful! Thank you so much!!! Its exactly what I wanted. Thank you for taking the extra time to help me. You will definitely be hearing from me again. :) Erin
Dear Cecilia, I received the two floggers in the mail & was wonderfully suprised. Both are awesome, the buffalo is a real attention getter & then going to the bullhide is the perfect second during a scene. The handles are beautiful, your web pages truly don't do them justice. Thank you so much for your time & expert guidance in the purchase. I can't wait to add more of yours to My collection. Thank you again, Eric C.
Cecilia, Thank you for the lovely flogger. I love it. The workmanship is beautiful and we are enjoying it daily, although I'm not sure Bobbie enjoys it as much as I do. It fulfills its purpose perfectly. Thank You Again, Julie

and then,

Cecilia, My wife, The Lady Julie, recently purchased a flogger from you and sent you a favorable comment. As she has been using it regularly since it's arrival, I have grown to absolutely love it. We have tried several other slappers, whips and paddles all of which hurt me greatly. Your flogger is pure pleasure. With it she can vary the severity of strokes from gentle teasing to a good hard thud. It absolutely drives me wild. My new favorite expression is, 'assume the position', which means I will get a nice pink rear and there will be no pain only pleasure. Thank you for this wonderful, and lovely tool. Bobbie

I absolutely LOVE my Medium Weight Black Elk Flogger that I had WIAN custom make for me. It fits my hand and I just adore the length, and cut of the 30 tails in the flogger. The Elk is VERY supple and the thickness of the hide give the whole flogger the weight that is not the "heaviest" but is not simply "medium" either. Again, THANK YOU for an OUTSTANDING product. M. Roy, aka THE Salem_Runner
Hi Cecilia, The blue cat showed up yesterday. That was fast shipping! Fantastic work. I love it. Last night slave L was the first to sample it, the cat was well balanced and felt good. Thanks so much for your speed in delivery and for great craftsmanship. I will be placing another order soon. Thanks again, Marc
Emma and I found this page one night and looked at all the floggers and were excited at all the types of leather and designs. We decided to buy one and I called to ask a question about payments and Cecilia called us back in minutes. I talked to her about types of leather and what would be the best. I was so thrilled about her help and knowledge, that we bought two, and arranged payment.
Cecilia promptly sent the floggers out the next day and We received them in three days. Wonderful product and workmanship and more importantly, GREAT SERVICE.We will definitely buy again and will tell everyone of the great service and help. Thank you, David and emma (british attitude that needs correcting)
Say Cecilia, I JUST got my two whips and I couldn't be happier !!! The quality is SUPERB! I ALSO want to thank you for that shipping deal, took less than 2 days to get here and during Christmas, to boot. I know that cost you a few extra bucks, and I DO appreciate it! Many thanks for your prompt attention to my order! Thanks , Love, ExquisitorX.
Cecilia- The flogger came today and it is soooooo beautiful! I can't wait to take it up to The City with me tonight to surprise my lover up there. I am beside myself with anticipation to use it (and if he knew it was in my hands, he would be too). It looks even more like what I had envisioned than the one in my head did, if that makes sense. Thank you so, so much! I will surely be coming to you for future flogger needs and desires. -Rachel
My Master and I had the pleasure of meeting Cecilia and her partner Steve at our local munch and then spent some time with them while Master tried out some of Cecilia's beautiful floggers ....on me....before purchasing a gorgeous pair of matched elk floggers. I must tell you that we both love these floggers. We anticipate more purchases, we consider your beautiful work an investment. Thank you, healer
They are gorgeous! Art not toys. I count myself a snob now, in that nothing but your work is acceptable when I want quality, value and aesthetics. Plus they are made to be used, not just admired. I will be back for more. Do you know I had a dragon tongue recommended to me by a newcomer as he proudly showed me the latest in technology. I showed him mine from the original prototypes. I am not sure if he was most impressed that I have one, that it was a WIAN Dragon Tongue, or what good shape it is in! K.
Cecilia - Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a wonderful, versatile, beautifully-made tool/toy. I absolutely LOVE it and anticipate many hours of pleasure. Ellen
Thank you so much. It is an absolutely beautiful piece of work. I can't wait to get another, and I know it'll be soon. Thanks again, Daniel
Dear Cecilia, Package arrived today - WE LOVE IT
What fantastic leather, and beautiful work on the braiding. We are VERY pleased. The flogger handles beautifully and it feels lovely!!! We wont hesitate to recommend you. Many Thanks S and J
I've used a number of floggers over time, including the ones from "well known" makers. I think it's just a matter of time before the WIAN name is included in the "well known" category. Your quality is fantastic, and they feel great in my hand. I'd like a wall full of them. Jeff McCain
Cecilia, I received the yummy two tone multi texture round braid cat with knotted ends and it is all that I hoped it would be. I have been raving about it and how great you were to work with. The buffalo flogger is exactly what I was expecting and wanted. I really appreciate the lengths you went to in order to insure that it was what I wanted. Regards, Sir C
Again, I want to thank you for the wonderful flogger. It is the perfect size, the perfect balance, and the workmanship is exquisite. I am proud to have this flogger in my collection and toybag. Please feel free to add my comments to your contented customers' page. Thank you again, Ron
Cecilia, I bought a pair of your floggers at Folsom last year, both of them with black handles and blue blades that look almost black until you see the edge. They have become two of my favorites. I want to thank you and inquire if you will have a booth at Folsom this year. Yours in Leather Pride, MS
Cecilia, The customer came in to pick up his custom ordered Cat o Nine last night. He was almost in tears after seeing it. He was overwhelmed with your craftsmanship and attention to detail, and absolutely loved how the colors worked out. I knew when I saw it that he would love it, I just wasn't expecting that reaction. You've gained another fan! Thanks again, Brian Gosney, Ringold Alley, Inc.
Cecilia, The floggers are BETTER than we EVER imagined!!! Wonderful Work. Thank you so much!!! Lisa
Yes! Our Black & Blue Elk flogger arrived. It is gorgeous and feels great. Thank you again for your excellent piece. It is now a treasured part of our collection. Feel free to include these remarks in your feedback section and know that I pretentiously drop your name (and card) every chance I get! Cheers, Lee
Cecilia, The whip is great! Now I need to collect my ideas and see if you guys might be interested in a couple of custom projects. :) I've never had a smoother transaction. Thanks again!~Cyn
You are an artist in leather. Wow Cecilia what a treasure. Great balance, tons of thud, very pretty. Just exactly what I wanted, even my honey likes it Ha Ha Ha. Thank you sweet woman, you ROCK!!! Randy Jones
Hi Cecilia. I just wanted to let you know that the flogger arrived today and I'm very pleased. Thanks so much for sending it out so quickly and for the beautiful work you've done! I really appreciate everything you did to make this such a great experience and I'm looking forward to purchasing more pieces in the future. Thanks again, Cecilia! Have a wonderful day! Sharon
Cecilia, I am utterly thrilled with the flogger. It is everything I have dreamed of. I can even choke up on it and use it for brushing, snapping, and whacking. Its a perfect piece for me. By carefully applying it to my lady's genitals, I was able to give her multiple orgasms. Amazing. There is no question I would like to commission something else from you soon. Marshall
Hello, I just wanted to say thank you. I received my flogger today. It is exactly what I wanted, and a lot earlier than I expected to receive it!!!! Thank you so much. It was definately a nice surprise today. Thank you again.Angie
I just wanted to tell you how much I dearly *love* the pink and creme flogger which you made for me! The colors are truly sweet and creamy, and blended so nicely on the handle, with just a hint of the pink in the actual strips ... very nicely done.
Although my very macho partner teased me that he would *not* be using a PINK flogger, as soon as he saw it hanging on my doorknob, of course, he had to try it out. So now I can tell you that it not only looks good, it feels good too! Packs quite a sting! He commented on the sturdy handle and tight feel as well - and trust me, he knows his floggers!
We will definitely be back for more ... now, did I see something called a "hog tie" somewhere on your website? (grinning) Once again, thanks so much; you folks do excellent work! Susan from Brooklyn
I bought the oil-tan cowhide flogger yesterday at the vendor's fair, but only after your partner tried out a dozen or so on me (remember me now?...the one with the pierced nips and tried to talk you into having it done, too?). I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the flogger! It's PERFECT!
The weight of it is easy to wield, as your partner said, and doesn't hurt Master's shoulder (torn rotator cuffs, now with bursitis.......aaaaaack), and he says it's easier on his wrist as well because it doesn't have that "after shock" effect some floggers have when you have to use a lot of force behind them. That, coupled with the fact that it turns my back a beautiful bright pink very easily (not usually an easy thing to do on me), made him a happy Master and me a very happy sub.
Thank you both, again, for ALL your help and input. You've been absolutely wonderful and very honest in your proclamations of what your crafts can and will do. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've sold me and it does exactly what you purport it to. My heartfelt thanks to both. impie
I was looking for a good quality elk flogger and found not only that, but also a gorgeous teal suede flogger at the WIAN Studios "booth" at last September's Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. I bought both of them that day and consider that toy purchase to be one of my best in a long time. They both have become my favorite floggers, not only due to their beauty and high-caliber craftsmanship, but also because of their light feel in my hands. I would recommend these and all floggers WIAN Studios makes to anyone looking for a high-quality flogger. LordSaber
Being the toy slut I am, I just had to let you know that your floggers are of the highest quality. I have floggers from many high quality sources and yours are at least as good if not better than some of theirs. I find that the balance is much better on yours than on most. Happy Floggings... Lady Kathleen
Cecilia - I got my new flogger today. I love it. The colors are exactly as I had hoped and the weight is lovely. Thank you! Sunbeam

"I'm incredibly pleased with the flogger i've just received. The materials and craftsmanship are among the best I've seen. And its unique appearance truly sets it apart from all the others out there. I'm sure my sub and I will enjoy it *grin*. -Tamer
"I used my new braided black and blue flogger (cat) for the first time this week. It is terrific! It can be used anywhere from very light to very heavy, it is just the right heft and balance, and it is very attractive when draped across reddened flesh." Alejandro E
After hunting around for a birthday present for my fiancee at what seemed like every website on the internet, I came across WIAN's site. I immediately had an idea. Communications with WIAN were fast and friendly, and they understood very quickly what I was looking for. I expected to wait quite a while for the custom flogger that I ordered, but in a week's time, it arrived. It's gorgeous, with great balance and a terrific feel. I've been recommending WIAN to everyone I can find ever since then, since they make such a terrific product and are so friendly to boot. Thanks, guys! We love it! Bronxelf
I am a satisfied owner and user of a WIAN all leather flogger. The craftsmanship was great, balance terrific and I would highly recommend one for the serious devotee of this lifestyle. Master Orion
"We LOVED our flogger...Thanks so much, was a true professional transaction, quality merchandise and I appreciate all your help and counsel" David & Beth
Today, when they arrived, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was, but hadn't the time. I have only a minute before I have to run off to meet someone who should be even more "impressed." I love how well they match -- in every way -- the way they go from black to red and straight to braided in order of size and intensity. You did a great job, the set should be on your past favorites page. On second thought, they should have their own page "coordinated pieces." Martin
Your elk flogger is a delight! We've been searching for the perfect breast flogger for a very long time and we found it! The handle is weighted perfectly, is done with the utmost craftsmanship and has become one of our favorite play toys. You can count on us coming back for more. *smile* Please keep up the good work! Warmest regards, shani* Kuma's Treasure
" As a repeat customer of WIAN's, I have been most impressed with their products AND their impeccable service. Their leather goods are soft, supple and of the finest quality. I am thrilled with my purchases! I'd recommend their toys to anyone wanting to buy the best in bdsm equipment! Brighty "
"The flogger I bought is beautifully handcrafted with intricate braids at the handle, the leather is top quality and the handle is perfect in weight and length. I would highly recommend your work to anyone, and you can't beat the prices! -M.B."
"The flogger arrived today and I must say I am impressed. I must say the pictures of it that you had posted did not do this piece of fine art justice. The black was so deep and rich it could take ones breath away and the spiral of green going up the grip was very tasteful. It accentuated the flogger's already inherent beauty in a way that few touches can. The brass knob at the end of the grip was another fine touch which gives the flogger just the right balance. When I first pulled the flogger out of the package I inspected it carefully and I must say the workmanship is astounding I then gave it a few practice swings and was simply amazed how all of the falls lay perfectly parallel without any twisting or tangling. Not only that but it has a perfect feel against my skin when it strikes. I would highly recommend your floggers to anyone who is looking to buy one. They are affordable, well made, and elegant. I just can't say enough! I would recommend your floggers to anyone who is in the market for one. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future (probably many times). Sincerely, James E. I. Harness
Master finally had time to come play with his pet yesterday. He asked me to tell you that he REALLY likes the white elk flogger. He likes the weight of it in his hand....heavy but not too heavy. He also likes the control that he has over the tails. He can spread them out to cover my entire back or keep them together to land on a specific target (ouch!). He was very pleased with his newest toy and commends you for the excellent workmanship that went into this piece. I love the feel of the tails against my flesh....soft and thuddy with just a touch of a sting. It truly feels as gorgeous as it looks. Thank you from both of us. His pet
Hi Cecilia! I was just going through my e-mail & cleaning up a bit,emptying my inbox. I found this note I'd saved because I had wanted to write & let you know how very pleased we are with the quality of your products! Just beautiful! The choices of color combinations are awesome (not to mention the option of requesting custom colors/styles)You definitely have our highest recommendation :-) Thanks so much! Caroline > ^..^ <
"Thanks for the very attractive and well made flogger -- it has pride of place in my boudoir! Jacqueline Banks"
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