Singletails and Dragon Quirts

We have a few Axel Whips in stock, but I'm leaving all these pictures up to show you what is possible and you can custom order a piece. Delivery is typically 6-8 weeks if the color is in stock. 

First you need to make a few decisions -

1) Do you want the end to have the cracker braided in or to have the cracker attached to a fall attached to the thong? (signal or snake, typically)

2) Do you want the handle to be rigid or flexible? (if rigid it becomes a target or minibull)

3) How long should the whip be? The range is generally from 3' to 4'. Please note that only the kangaroo thong is measured, so a 4' signal will be just about 4' overall, whereas a 4' snake will be about 5' to 5 1/2' overall. 

4) Do you want 8, 12 or 14 plait? (more plaits more fluid, usually)

5) What color do you want? Black with an accent color is most common but please ask if you have a different plan. Accent colors are usually, red, blue, purple, green, natural. Sometimes other colors are available, please ask. 

For the other sorts of items (cats, diablo, angel maker, quirt and such) the dimensions are pretty set but there is some choice for color. 

Prices have gone up about 10-15% Jan 1, 2020.

Please contact us to discuss your wishes.